This the homepage of Luc Saillard, you will find plenty of programs for Linux and in general Free Software. All programs, patches is covered by the Gnu Public Licence. Please looks into each project for more details. All images taken by me with my camera is copyrighted Luc Saillard and i want to know if you want to use my photos.

This website is under construction.

I’m currently converting all my website (php) to a static site using the Hugo generator. In the meantime, some links will be broken. Please come back soon.

Last articles

  • XBlast-TNT: Unofficial patches

    This is a collection of patches for XBlast-TNT. XBlast-TNT is a great game, but lack of maintainer. So I’ve made a page to help people to fixes some nasty bug and perhaps add improvement to this great game. XBlast-TNT is a network version of the XBlast game. I’ve made some incremental patch to help tracking changes. Files patches This directory contains all patches and a short explanation for each patch.
  • Chocomail

    Chocomail is small tool to generate email address. Email address has an expired date, and when plug into procmail or maildrop, you can verify if the adress has not expired. I wrote this small tool (in C) to be able to generate random adress. A lot of websites, mailing-list required you to send your email adresse to view the content. So i’m pissed with spam using my real adress, i want some garbage email to use.
  • Zaurus

    Files to build Qt and the toolchain Size in bytes Name 3885 Makefile 4096 toolchain-2.95.3
  • Cacti - Plugins

    I don’t use anymore cacti (i’ve written my own tools see rrdmonitor), but someone can be found usefull this two little scripts. Plugins Count the number of packets dropped by the Linux Firewall. Get network statistics for Linux without use of SNMP.
  • Toshiba 2610

    My good old toshiba laptop (2610) has a broken bios, you will find below a list of files with some work around. This correct some common bugs: function that do not return explicitly a value but think that the last value compute is the value to be return. Suspend to disk and suspend to ram doesn’t work. Size in bytes Name 87218 acpidump_toshiba2610-fix.asl 8372 acpidump_toshiba2610-fix.asl.gz 7144 acpidump_toshiba2610-fix.