PinP is small CMS for personal website. This is a collection of script design for speed (can create static website), security (no modification is allowed by the web).

Sorry for the bad project name, but i've not find a better one after spending 5 seconds. This small project is my personnal website. They are no documentation and is build around the Smarty engine using the Php interpreter for building the page.

By default, each page is cached for one hour, this is done to reduce the load of my little server. You need to give write access to folders 'compile' and 'cache' for the running apache (or other similar webserver).

Quick setup

  • untar the package
  • configure your webserver to execute index.php and set the root of your website to the ‘www’ directory
  • launch a little script to rebuild all hardlink. (to save some space but it’s optionnal)
  • edit the file include/setenv.php
  • and try to see your website.




Size in bytes Name
109557 pinp-0.2.0.tar.bz2