• HH501 Usb Smartmedia Reader for Linux

    When i bought my digital camera (a Olympus C990Z), an USB card reader was given with this camera. Linux has no support for this USB reader, and it’s not recognized as a UMS (USB Mass Storage). After a long time, i finished to wrote my own driver for Linux 2.4 after contacting all manufacturers (Foxconn, …) with no luck. This driver patch the Linux Kernel (a patch for the 2.
  • Zaurus

    Files to build Qt and the toolchain Size in bytes Name 3885 Makefile 4096 toolchain-2.95.3
  • Toshiba 2610

    My good old toshiba laptop (2610) has a broken bios, you will find below a list of files with some work around. This correct some common bugs: function that do not return explicitly a value but think that the last value compute is the value to be return. Suspend to disk and suspend to ram doesn’t work. Size in bytes Name 87218 acpidump_toshiba2610-fix.asl 8372 acpidump_toshiba2610-fix.asl.gz 7144 acpidump_toshiba2610-fix.