This is a collection of patches for XBlast-TNT. XBlast-TNT is a great game, but lack of maintainer. So I’ve made a page to help people to fixes some nasty bug and perhaps add improvement to this great game.

XBlast-TNT is a network version of the XBlast game.

I’ve made some incremental patch to help tracking changes.


This directory contains all patches and a short explanation for each patch.
This directory contains a big tarballs with all changes and also the original one.
This directory contains packages for the Debian Gnu/Linux system.
This directory contains sources and binaries packages for various systems. Only Redhat 7.3 and 8.0 is provided for this moment.
For those who can't build Xblast I've made some binaries archives. Just play into the directory.

Quick install

On a shell:

    xmkmf -a

XBlast Developpement Site
Check this site for new releases. All my patches will be included, and more bugfixes are included.