rrdmonitor is very fast data grabber for RRDtool

RRDmonitor is written in C for speed and low memory. It should be extensible by writing new checks.

There are plenty of daemon use to gather data from your computer, but they are few that is written for speed and light memory process. Because I want to monitor my computer each 30seconds (with this software, i can imagine to gather data each 5 secondes or less), I need a powerfull system. But RRDmonitor lacks some features like snmp, or templates for graphics.

Because RRDtool is great software to store data in a database, i use it. For a future release, perhaps you will need only the library and not the binary. RRDtool will be responsible too to draw graphics. RRDmonitor will help you to create graphics but don’t do html page or authentification.

Try it … but they are no manual


  • written in C (not C++), and do not depends on library other than C.
  • Little in memory (RSS: 1860Kbytes on a grsecurity system). You need to add memory from the process RRDtool (RSS: * 1032Kbytes)
  • Plugins is easy to write (a very small API exist)
  • Use CPU power very efficiently. In 30 days, rrdmonitor takes 8 minutes of CPU times, with a heartbeat of 30 secondes.
  • Graphs has two modes (preview, normal)

RRDmonitor can monitor (only on a GNU/Linux for now)

  • cpu load
  • memory / swap load
  • networks interfaces (gracely support ppp interface)
  • ping, probe port, connect time a list of host
  • numbers of process
  • disk space , mount point
  • mails, spam, queues (only Postfix)
  • pop, imap (only Courier Imap)


See the dedicated page to view somes screenshots


rrdmonitor uses a configuration file. The syntax uses is similar of the format use on windows platforms .ini, or Samba configuration files.


The latest version of rrdmonitord can be downloaded below

Size in bytes Name
4096 files
2093 rrdmonitord.cfg
4096 screenshots