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Welcome to Saillard's Lair


This the homepage of Luc Saillard, you will find plenty of programs for Linux and in general Free Software. All programs, patches is covered by the Gnu Public Licence. Please looks into each project for more details. All images taken by me with my camera is copyrighted Luc Saillard and i want to know if you want to use my photos.

This site is designed using the look and feel of plone. Plone is a great CMS using Zope. Plone and Zope is an excellent CMS (very easy to use, good interface, easy to customize the web site) but use a lot memory than i can use on my server. I want to be able to use only static pages, so if my server is overloaded by some requests, i want to continue to use my server.

I decide to write my own implementation in PHP, and write my own program to process pages using the look and feel of Plone. For now, a lot of features are missing, but one day, i hope to have a fully working website. So if you find some bugs, ideas, please drop me a line by email

Created by Luc Saillard
Last updated: Dec 4, 2004