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Photon is a static HTML gallery generator.


  • static HTML pages (you can put all pages and images on a CD-ROM)
  • slideshow (use javascript optional)
  • can use gimp to resize picture for greater quality
  • navigation between the image can use the keyboard (use javascript optional)
  • work on any browser (Mozilla, Netscape Navigator 4.x, Konqueror, Opera)
  • Each image can have a comment (with HTML tags)
  • Information about the image (if taken from a digital picture) can be draw
  • thumbnail image size can be choosed by the user
  • output images can be scalled down
  • control the number of thumbnail in a page
  • movie support (new in 0.4.0)
  • w3c compliant


  • A sample gallery made with photon
  • This gallery is used to test regression between release using various digital camera.


To make the gallery
  • Python >=2.1
  • Python Imaging Library It's the library use to load image, resize (optional if you have gimp)
  • EXIF library (included in this package but optional)
  • Gimp for better quality (optional)
  • dcraw to decode RAW files (optional)
  • Some photos and free space disk
To show the gallery
  • a web browser
  • a web browser with javascript enabled (optional)


Photon is released under the GNU General Public License and can be used free of charge.


Mercurial repository: hg clone static-

Last release: 0.4.6


How to build a gallery:

 The quick start:
   # photon -o myoutputdir /photos

 Use the gimp plugin
   # photon --resize-plugin=gimp -v -o myoutputdir /photos

 Change the size for all images and the thumbnail keeping the original photo (0)
   # photon --sizelist=0,1600x1200,800x600 --thumbsize=320x240 -o myoutputdir /photos

 My current command line:
   # photon -a -m -z -s 640x480,800x600,1280x1024,1600x1200 -o /tmp/torcy /torcy

 See photon --help for a list of switch

All options of the programs:

# Photon 0.4.0

Usage: photon [OPTION]... [PATH]...

  -a      --awstats               Insert Javascript for Awstats
          --awstats-url           Change default value for Awstats script url
  -c NAME --comment               Name of the comment file (default .comments)
  -d NUM  --display-columns=NUM   Number of columns in index (default 3)
  -E      --no-exif               Don't include EXIF information in HTML file
  -f      --force                 Overwrite non-image generated files (html, javascript, etc) (default no)
  -ff     --force --force         Overwrite image files (default no)
  -h      --help                  Print this help
  -I      --no-index              Do not generate the high level index.html
  -J      --no-javascript         Do not use javascript (no shortcuts, ... )
  -l NUM  --display-lines=NUM     Number of lines in index (default 5)
  -o NAME --output-directory=NAME Name of the output directory
  -m      --movie                 Movie mode, include link to movie (*.mov)
  -s LIST --sizelist=LIST         Image sizes (default 0,1024x768,800x600,640x480)
                                  0 is special case to specified the original resolution
                                  wxh specify the width and the height in pixel of the image
  -t SIZE --thumbsize=SIZE        Size of thumbnails (default 160x120)
  -V      --version               Print Photon version
  -v      --verbose               Be verbose
  -z      --compress              Compress the original image if selected (default copy the image)
          --exif-bordercolor=COLOR  Exif window border color (default #008000)
          --exif-bgcolor=COLOR    Exif window background color (default #f0fff0)
          --exif-fgcolor=COLOR    Exif window text color (default 'black')
          --body-bgcolor=COLOR    Body background color (default #ccccff)
          --img-bgcolor=COLOR     Image background color (default 'white')
          --exclude=PATTERN       Exclude files matching PATTERN
          --resize-plugin=PLUG    Program use to create thumbnails
                                     internal: fastest method (default)
                                     gimp: use Gimp>1.x (better quality)
                                     magick: use ImageMagick (not implemented)
          --resize-quality-low=Q  quality for small image. 0 (bad) and 100 (good)
          --resize-quality-high=Q quality for big image 0 (bad) and 100 (good)
          --gimp-program=PROG     use PROG for gimp

Shortcuts while viewing an image:
  n/SPACE     Go to the next image (with the same resolution)
  p/BACKSPACE Go to the previous image (with the same resolution)
  s           Start/Stop the slideshow
  +/-         Increase/Decrease by one second the slideshow's period
  h           Show shortcut and help
  i           Show Exif information
  z           Change to the higher resolution [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED]


  • Rewrite the code to use a template engine (long and hard)
  • Better support for video (mpeg and avi)
  • Use XHTML and CSS (see the template engine)
  • Graphical tool to edit comments
  • Put an optional Creative Common Licence
  • ...
Created by Luc Saillard
Last updated: Nov 5, 2007